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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Kammath and kammath Movie Review

Two big stars coming together in a comedy movie was the reason for going to the movie.
The brief history of the Konkani's made my expectations huge. Some of the dialogues in the Konkani dialect was not understandable, no subtitles were provided. 
I felt like, the era where actors and comedians belong to different categories came back to Malayalam film. Every time the actor Baburaj was opening his mouth people were expecting comedy. But the truth is that, he was the only relief in the movie. The way in which the song " ninte pinnale" directed, was good.

The movie started by telling the story of of two brothers in restaurant business, but the main theme was dropped somewhere in the middle. Narein's character was boring. The small twist in the climax was nice. Overall rating not watchable unless show is free, and you.

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