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Friday, 31 August 2012

Vilichathenthinu veendum lyrics Translation

Vilichathenthinu veendum veruthe

why did you call me again, without any reason

Vilichathenthinu veendum

why did you call me again, without any reason

Nerthoru paattinte nombaram kondenne

Vilichathenthinu veenudum

why did you call me again with the pain of a delicate (thin) song

Veruthe nee veruthe veruthe nee veruthe (vilicha)

without any reason, you, without any reason

Aakaasham kanaathe nee ullil sookshikkum

Aasha than mayil peeli pole*

Like the  peacock feather,of desire, which you keep hiding  from
seeing the sky*

Eerananinja kinavukalkullile

Ithiri snehathin kavitha pole (2)

Like the poems of love inside the dreams which are drenched (in tears)

Virinjathenthinu veendum nenjil

Alinjathenthinu veendum (vilichathe)

Why did you blossom again, in  heart
why did you melt

Anjaathamaamoru theerathu ninno

Aazhi than marukara ninno

is it from an unknown shore
or from the opposite shore of the ocean

Janmangalkkappuram peythoru mazhayude

Marmmaram kelkkumee manassil ninno

or from the heart which can hear
the rustling sound of the rain which fell the beyond lives (births)

Maranjathenthinu veendum engo

which did you disappear,somewhere

Marannathenthinu veendum (vilichathenthinu)

why did you forget



* Children like to collect things like peacock feather.
There is a myth among children that peacock feather will give birth
to a small feather if it is kept away from seeing the sky. Believing this myth,
children keeps their peacock feathers very safe from the sky, between pages of books or
in boxes.

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