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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Father's Day Malayalam Movie Song Aarude Hariharan Lyrics Translation

Aarude nashta pranayathin thengalen saarangi nin maaril


Whose lost love's cryings (sobs) rose from your chest, Saarangi*


Enn priya saarangi nin maaril ninnuyarnnu

 my dear Saarangi,rose from your chest


Paadan kothichoru gaanam hamir kalyani

enthe marannu poyo


A song you wished to sing hamir kalyani**

why, did you forget


Mookatha neela neeralam nivarthathil bhoomi

mayangi raavil

Silence, spread blue ,sheet (cloth woven of gold or, silver lace) , and earthslept in that at night

aarude nisshabda sneha nilavay chaare oru pidi poo chorinju

As whose, silent love-moon shine , you showered a handful of flowers , near

Orkkumbozhekkumee jeevaneyananda moorchayilazhthunnu ninn sneham 

As I remember, your love, is making this life, sink in the extremity of happiness

Pookalum maarineer muthukalum manju pokkuveyil ponnumayi

With flowers, pearls of rain drops, snowy twilight

Oro ruthuvum thozhuthu poke sakhi

when every season,leaves with salutation (with folded arms)

Oh companion (female)





*The sārangī (Hindi: सारंगी, Nepali: सारंगी,) is a bowed, short-necked string instrument of India which originated from Rajasthani folk instruments. It plays an important role in India's Hindustani classical music tradition.

** hamir kalyani : Carnatic raga Hamir Kalyani is a janya of Kalyani,65th melakarta


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