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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Trivandrum Lodge Song Kanninnullil Nee Kanmani lyrics translation

kanninnullil nee kanmani kaathinullil nee thenmozhi

In my eyes, you are the pearl (of the eye), in ears, you are the honey voice

kinnara poonkuzhal paattu nee

you are the romantic song of the beautiful (like flower) flute

ennalum en kalithozhi nee

Always you will be my playmate

muthe ninne muthi nilkkum kaattininnanuragamo.

Oh pearl, the wind which kisses you is in love today


Ila venal koottil thalirunnum myne ninnodalle ishtam

in light summer nest,  Oh the myna* which eats tender leaves, I have love towards you 

kani veezhum thoppil meyum nilave ninnodalle ishtam

The twilight  which grazes in grove where fruits fall, I have love towards you 

Hey mandarapoovithal oliveesum maambazha ponkavil pennazhake

hey the petals of Mandaram** spreads light , mango golden cheeked lady of beauty

Maanathu kaarmukil mazhamettil maarivillurukiya neermani nee

In sky, in the hillock of rains in rainy clouds , you are the water drop formed by melting of rainbow

Orthirikkan Omanikkan koottukariii porumo

To remember to fondle oh my friend( girl) will you come



 *The myna or mynah is a bird of the starling family (Sturnidae). This is a group of passerine birds which occur naturally only in southern and eastern Asia, especially in North India.

** A flower





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