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Monday, 10 September 2012

vida parayukayano lyrics translation

vida parayukayano
chiriyude venpraavukal

Are the white doves of laughter bidding farewell
mizhiyinayude koodukal

are the couple of eyes getting covered by darkness

vidhiyileri venalil viraha marubhoomiyil

By fate in burning summer in the desert of loneliness
ormmakalumaayi thaniye alayeee

wanders alone with memories
mazha tharum mukilukalil

kanavaumaayi ithal viriyum

oh paavam maarivillukal

maayum pole maayayaayi

ekaakini engo nee maayave

In clouds which gives rains

the poor (unfortunate) rainbows  which

blossoms with dreams

will disappear like an illusion

Lonely lady, when you disappear somewhere


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